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With nearly half a million members, 10 million posts and 15 million page views per month, the forum is a busy and lively meeting place for the counterculture community!

Growing steadily since its launch in 2000, the forum hosts an extensive back catalog of interesting and informative threads and continues to grow with hundreds of new members every day. The vibrant and welcoming community is driven by discussion of alternative lifestyles, freedom of speech, and anything related to marijuana cultivation and enjoyment. The quality of discussion is upheld with moderation that aims to keep a positive and tolerant atmosphere. It’s social networking for people who share a common interest.

For the first time, the forum is offering advertising space to help promote related companies that would be of interest to its members. By targeting ad buys to forum members, advertisers are guaranteed exposure to potential customers who are likely to be on board with their message or attracted to their products.