In just a few easy steps you can place your ad with a reliable, relevant publisher,
visible to your target audience!

1. Choose the kind of service you want. Self served ad management or assisted ad management

Signup directly for self served management for our marketplace or first get in touch with us if you need us to assist you with setting up your ad campaign on the and we can advise you on ads you’d like to buy and all the other advertising outlets we have to offer.

Our marketplace is filled with great ad space available for purchase. If you need a hand selecting the best placements, don’t be scared to get in touch. We’re happy to help advertisers find the best placements for their campaigns.

2. Fund your account and select your placement

Fund your account via our payment gateway in your account. We accept Mastercard, VISA, AMEX and international wiretransfer. You now will be able to select publishers form our network and choose ad placement that fit you needs.

When you browse our site directory and you come across a placement you’d like to buy, just click “buy ads in the channel” to add it to your cart.

Target your advertisements based on all kinds of criteria like: country, language, state, OS or browsers used. You can even target very specifically on ZIP code if you have needs to advertise super locally.

3. Upload creative and copy

You’ll be prompted to add creative for each placement you’ve selected to purchase. You’ll need to have your creative and/or copy for text and banner ads ready in order to start advertising. We can help you off course when you are in need of assistance of good banners and copy suggestions.


Get started

4. Get your ads approved by our publishers

Your order will be submitted to each publisher of your choosing and they will either approve or deny your ad within 24 hours.

5. Get started advertising, manage and optimize

Once your ads are approved by our publishers, your ad campaign will start and you can monitor how your ads are performing, monitor your Click-through rates and your ROI. Try different versions of your ads to see how they perform and choose those that bring you the most revenue, traffic or brand awareness.

When your funds are depleted, analyse your ad campaigns. Rinse , repeat.